About Us

HD Home & Design owner, Hamed Derakhshan has been creating some of the finest modern carpets in the world over the past 15 years. As a managing partner of Zurich based Sahar Carpets, Hamed has worked extensively in the areas of product manufacturing, design and marketing; leading one the world’s most innovative luxury carpet brands.

With HD Home & Design’s contacts and vast knowledge of carpet design and production you will find tailor made solutions for virtually any floor covering requirement. HD Home & Design is the exclusive purveyor for Sahar Carpets in California. In addition to the Sahar line, HD Home & Design also carries the work of other leading carpet designers and manufacturers such as Rug Star and Haynes Robinson.

Through HD Home & Design, Hamed extends his commitment to design excellence to also include unique home accessories. Everything at HD Home & Design exemplifies Hamed’s guiding design precepts: Utility, Purity, and Detail.

With its global manufacturing contacts, and its end to end control over the design and production of its products, HD Home & Design has the unique ability to understand design needs, communicate the manufacturing process, and to adapt to achieve a desired outcome on time and on budget.